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Ethos and Values:

• We believe all our projects should be outcome focused and evidence based

• We believe that there is a huge need for opportunities for children, young people and their families to learn 
 experientially outdoors in the natural environment

• We believe in the benefits of helping children, young people and their families develop a closer emotional connection 
with the natural environment

• We believe in providing activities which are highly accessible and can be enjoyed by participants independently for free or at a low cost in their local community

• We believe projects should be responsive to individual need and highly flexible in there approach.

• We believe our projects should be vigorously evaluated in order for our work to remain innovative and as effective as possible.

• We believe that children, young people and their families should play a central role in the evaluation, design, development and delivery of our interventions

• We believe many children, young people and their families often suffer multiple disadvantages and we strive to support participants to overcome these disadvantages in an empowering way.

• We believe in the potential of every child, young person and their families 


How we work:

• We work in co production with children, young people, families, support workers and 
commissioning agencies in every aspect of our work

• We use exciting activities to engage, inspire and build new skills

• We work as part of a multi agency team

• We use highly motivated, passionate and appropriately qualified /experienced staff

• We use dynamic mix of one to one, group work, role play and family support

• We use a variety of interventions to change the way participants feel about themselves and build social, 
emotional and practical skills.