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KS2/KS3/KS4 Engagement Programme

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A dynamic and personalised mix of outdoor and indoor, group work is used to develop a variety of emotional, social and practical skills to enable participants to become more effective individuals. 

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Age Group:

KS2, KS3 and KS4

Assessment / Outcome Setting:

Our qualified and experienced team will work in co-production with the learner, family and commissioning agency/support staff to set a range of desired outcomes. These outcomes will focus on identified areas of need such as emotional well being, poor attendance, educational attainment, poor behaviour, low motivation, low aspirations, anger management etc.

Outcomes are achieved by:

 • Providing a dynamic and personalised mix of one to one, group work, role play, family support and outdoor activities
• Continued process of assess, plan, do and review throughout the course ensuring interventions are personalised and effective
• Supporting learners to change the way they feel about themselves and their lives.
• Focusing on specific barriers to successful engagement in a formal educational environment. 

Activities include:

 • Fishing
• Orienteering
• Camp Craft / Camp Fire Building
• Navigation / Map Reading

Learners also:  

 • Have the opportunity to learn about the water cycle, ecosystems, weather patterns, environmental protection, 
wildlife identification and much more.
• Benefit from daily access to beautiful fisheries, woodlands and other countryside locations
• Have opportunities to develop leadership skills and lead activities with younger children


We can run courses of various lengths and intensity depending on learners needs however courses are normally 1 day a week 
(9:00-15:00) for a full term. 


 • All staff are professionally trained and experienced in providing activities and appropriate support to learners at KS2, KS3 and KS4
• We work as part of the multi-agency team to signpost and support learners and families to access other appropriate services.
• We aim to work closely with parent/carers to achieve the best possible sustainable outcomes for participants.
• We provide daily updates on learners progress to commissioning agencies fostering a collaborative approach to meeting learners needs
• We provide follow up sessions in order to recap on learning, monitor progress and provide additional support
• We are committed to ensuring our interventions are evidence based


Through our monitoring and evaluation process A4E produce outcome focused reports for all participants which demonstrate progress in key areas such as confidence, academic attainment, teamwork, attendance, social and emotional skills.


“The provision provided by Angling4Education is second to none. They have worked with many of our students from a very high end behaviour school. The boys have always been engaged, learnt a huge amount and have relished their time with the Angling4education team. I would not hesitate to recommend this as a wonderful educational enrichment opportunity, a standalone experience or, as we use- a regular intervention programme”

Aaron Sherwood, Deputy Head Teacher, Bowdon House School


For schools/commissioning agencies wanting to commission a whole programme:

- One session fully staffed by A4E for up to10 learners- £420
- One session fully staffed by A4E for up to 4 learners - £240

For schools/commissioning agencies wanting to refer individual learners:

- Individuals can be referred to A4E programmes at £60 -£75 per session. Please note we will need a minimum number of four learners to run a course. Get in touch to find out when the next appropriate course is due to start in your area.

Transport is arranged on a project by project basis and is not included in this price.