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Joe Collins - Instructor

joe collins

Joe became the youngest member of the team having taken up a instructor position in May 2016. Joe initially came into contact with A4E when he was referred to our KS3 Engagement Programme by his school due to behavioural and attendance issues. He not only excelled on the programme but also made huge progress at school receiving many accolades from teaching staff.  

As many young people do after our programmes, Joe took part in various pieces of leadership work with Angling4Education on our Short Breaks Programme. Joe's talent in supporting vulnerable children and young people quickly became evident and he went on to take up a voluntary instructor position for over a year before taking up a paid position.

Joe is now a highly valued and much respected member of the team and has given Angling4Education an important insight into what it is like to take part in our programmes as a client. Joe supports various programmes but is particularly passionate about supporting children, young people with disabilities and their families.  Joe is also a very keen angler who spends every spare minute and most of his wages tracking down specimen Carp.