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“The provision provided by Angling4Education is second to none. They have worked with many of our boys from a very high end behaviour school. The boys have always been engaged, learnt a huge amount and have relished their time with Angling4education team. I would not hesitate to recommend this as a wonderful educational enrichment opportunity, a standalone experience or, as we use- a regular intervention programme.”

Aaron Sherwood
Deputy Head Teacher
Bowdon House School

“I worked closely with Angling4Education on developing a Think Family engagement programme for a core of young people who were struggling with attendance within their school settings. This was a complex piece of work which involved close liaison with the Think Family Keyworkers, schools and parents, not to mention arranging transportation, costing and logistics to ensure young people from all parts of Arun District could be involved in this amazing venture. Working with Angling4Education was seamless and the good rapport we built throughout this project enabled us to overcome and provide solutions for every problem which resulted in a successful 12 week programme which was the talk of the Think Family team. I would highly recommend Luke and his team to anyone wishing to embark on an outdoors project aimed at engaging with and inspiring young people. Thank you A4E.”

Lee Matthews
Community Development Officer
Arun District Council

"We took 12 pupils with Special Educational Needs on a residential trip with Angling4Education and I can honestly say it was the best group experience those pupils had ever had. They were able to learn new skills, communicate well with one another, work towards a goal and show independent living skills that impressed their parents. I would thoroughly recommend the experience to stretch pupils, show them a glimpse of their potential and encourage communication skills they will need for life.

Dejeniera Pygott
Bourne Community College
Student Support Manager

“Seymour School recently commissioned Angling4Education to work with a child who had been difficult to engage in school. Through a series of sessions, A4E staff very quickly built up an effective rapport with the child.  As a result, this project had a positive impact on the child's emotional well-being and ability to access learning. We were particularly impressed with A4E’s understanding of how to develop emotional literacy and their effective communication with us which allowed us to reinforce the work done in sessions.  It is definitely an intervention that we will consider for the future.”

Nichola Atkinson

Pastoral Support Teacher

Seymour Primary School

“Angling for education has provided support for a couple of our students in the past two years. These young people have found it hard to cope in education, even in a special school setting and we contacted this organisation for some support. The offer of one to one support around a planned activity has worked very well, giving both of them an opportunity to explore and express their emotions and examine their own coping strategies.”

Christine Mclellan
Head of Key Stage 4
Woodlands Meed School

“Angling4Education has supported our young people in a person centered way and worked with them on agreed goals/aims such as self-esteem, healthy relationships and anger management. Young people are able to achieve and succeed in positive activities and benefit from positive role modeling. The staff communicated with the family and professionals in a timely and professional format.”

Sally Mager
Adoption Support Social Worker
West Sussex County Council

“Angling4Eductaion has been a massive support for our students as the one to one package was tailored to suit his individual needs. Communication was regular and informative and the staff were knowledgeable and effective.”

Rachel Adams


Downview Primary School

“We at Think Family have used the A4E group programme for the teenagers we work with who are at risk of exclusion or where there is an attendance issue. My experience of the programme is through project observations. I have seen the enthusiasm they have for the programme and despite these young people not attending school, they always achieve 100% attendance at A4E. Tthe feedback we receive from our young people is very positive, we have had young people discover that fishing is now a hobby they want to take up full time and one young person started to go with their step dad. They also like the group environment aspect and from observing the celebration events, it is clear to see how their confidence has grown and they are very proud of achieving something very positive in an education setting. We have also had some young people take up the chance of the one to one work through A4E, the young people enjoy this opportunity and individual attention they receive. It has helped them to focus on the importance of education and to encourage them to have the belief that they can have aspirations for their future” 

Tracy Partridge
Area Manager
Think Family

"This alternative education offers students a second chance to become motivated towards education in a practical way that has benefits back in the classroom. It helps build the students' self-esteem and confidence in their abilities and gives them some direction in their lives. The portfolio of work our students produced was a pleasure to read and gave insight into what talents the student had that had never been seen, or been given the chance to present in school. Credit goes to the flexible caring and supportive staff who I can recommend.”

Christopher Davis

Head of Vocational Learning 

Durrington High School

“I have worked with Angling4Education over the past 2 years to help us identify appropriate provision for vulnerable and challenging pupil within West Sussex. They show a great enthusiasm for the programme they offer and are extremely flexible to identify ways to support pupils.”

James West
Inclusion Advisor
West Sussex Alternatives Provision

“Angling4Education is providing Littlegreen School the opportunity to deliver personalised education. Pupils that attend there courses learn new skills with instructors that are supportive, knowledgeable and patient. The pupils are focusing on school and personal targets and have the opportunity to talk and share experiences/concerns with staff outside of school. An improvement in personal and social development has been recognised in every boy that has had the opportunity to attend. Pupils at Littlegreen School thoroughly enjoy the courses - it is often highlighted as one of their favourite experiences in Key Stage 4.”

Hannah Davis
Key Stage 4 Leader

Littlegreen School

“Angling4Education provides an excellent flexible programme that enables young people to achieve highly in their angling skills. The Staff are dedicated and committed to ensuring the best outcome for young people.”

Cathy Meyer
Head of Centre

Burgess Hill Links College

“We run a variety of school trips and curriculum enrichment opportunities however Angling4Education has delivered the best package we have ever experienced.”   

Annie Richardson
Head Teacher
The AMICUS School

“Angling4Education was more helpful than anything Social Services or the schools have offered us. They suggested star charts and how to set rules but then left us to it. None had spent time with us as a family or backed us up and helped us learn how to actually deal with him. This is the sort of thing we needed 3 years ago before we hit breaking point. It made a difference for me just to have someone behind me who understands us as a family. We all got counseling but not in an obvious way.”

Emma Carrick
Parent of a young person that received one to one and family support

“We spent a day fishing with 12 students last summer. Most of us had not fished before so it was a very memorable experience as by the end of the day we had all caught an abundance of fish and had learnt how to cast off and attach maggots to the rods. The staff were incredibly patient, kind and informative and all of the students (and two members of staff) came away with a huge sense of achievement and a desire to get back out and try it again. It was definitely an experience we would repeat and recommend.”

Marrianne Messent
Teacher in Charge
Shoreham Academy  

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